Markforged X5 - Continuous Fibreglass
Markforged X5 - Continuous Fibreglass

Markforged X5 - Continuous Fibreglass

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The Markforged X5 is a high-quality industrial grade platform designed to deliver the best quality and precision in 3D printing. The X5 features a strengthened dual nozzle print system which supports printing with Kevlar reinforcement, continuous Carbon Fiber, and laser parts inspection.


Performance Engineering
The X5 delivers a dependable, unmatched performance because it is remarkably strong, effectively stiff, tremendously lightweight, and exceptionally versatile.

Outperform Aluminum
The continuous Carbon Fiber parts survive the hardest applications. These parts are stronger than 6061 Aluminum and 40% lighter, and they are perfect for manufacturing equipment, tooling, jaws, and other end-use parts.

20x Cheaper and 50x Faster

Replace machined aluminium with parts straight from the printer. You can use these parts the same day and at a minimal cost.

Build volume – 330 mm x 270 mm x 200 mm
Layer Height – 100 – 50 μm
Technology – FFF & CFF
CFF – Continuous Filament Fabrication

The composite parts are designed from a combination of two materials, making them strong, dependable and versatile. Get print parts that are stiffer and stronger than what is attainable in 3D printed objects, thanks to the unique fabrication process.

Design – Now you can CAD your part and upload the STL. You can select from composite materials like Carbon Fiber, Kevlar or Fiberglass. Printing is easy, as the cloud-based software does the rest of the job.

Reinforce – The dual material system crafts the composite parts one layer at a time. The plastic matrix is created by the first nozzle, and the second winds the fibre throughout the printing process.

Part – Markforged CFF parts satisfactorily replace machined metal tools, prototypes and fixtures because of the aircraft grade aluminium. It is also over 40% lighter.

Laser Precision
The X5 uses the built-in laser micrometre to scan the print bed with an accuracy of 1 um. This allows it to create a contour map of its surface. The X5 ensures that prints come out the way you designed them by regulating its measurements with extrusion reading. It accurately sets the nozzle height and adjusts the active topography.

Every printer comes with a cloud-connected software, a 4.3” touchscreen, washer and furnace. Your Markforged products are designed to get regular over-the-air updates to keep them functioning optimally. To reduce waste, material usage tracking and out-of-material detector help to monitor your printers.

Eiger, the world’s most advanced printing software, has automatic version control, a cloud-based collaboration and fleet management. Eiger is designed to make manufacturing even simpler, and it allows you to print metal, plastic, and composite parts directly from your browser.


330 mm x 270 mm x 200 mm

584 mm x 483 mm x 914 mm

68 kg

100 or 50 micron

Kinematic coupling - Flat to within 80um

Bed Leveling and Active Print Calibration

Plastic - Onyx
Fiber - Fiberglass

Plastic Composite Filament
Continuous Composite Filament

Closed Cell Triangular Infill
Closed Cell Hexagonal Infill